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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Sally Hansen Salon Effects Misbehaved

When your cat works it, how can you resist? He lays like that and I want to rub my face in his soft, fat belly. But, if I did, he'd eat my face off. Vinny is not nearly as snuggly as he looks. :(
Okay, the nails. The fabulous, fabulous nails. I applied them Wednesday night (very simple, btw), and on Saturday, the only difference at all is the growth. They haven't started to peel or chip at all. I didn't get the decal all the way to the edge of a few of my nails, and I can feel a definite ridge. No need for a basecoat or topcoat. Just the decal. I've gotten comments ranging from "Is that Minx?" to "Oh my! Those look great! How did you do it?" That last comment was from a dude. A very hetero dude. :)

Plenty of folks have scoffed at the cost. I've seen them available at CVS and Walgreens for $9.99, and at Walmart for $8.50. I also found a $2 off coupon at (good through 3/31). There are 16 strips in each kit and my nails are short enough that I cut each strip in half. So, I am able to get them for $3.25 a manicure. Much better than $10. I went back and get "Cut It Out" today. I'm excited to see how it comes out.
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