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Monday, March 19, 2012

Greens - $OPI Gleek Out

This weekend's ridiculously beautiful spring weather had me reaching for a springy, sparkly green when I'd finished with butter LONDON's British Racing Green. 

Gleek Out with indirect natural lighting.

Gleek Out is from the Sephora by OPI (or $OPI) Glee Collection (Spring 2011). It is a beautiful spring green foil. It is rather sheer, taking 3 thick-ish coats for opaque-ish finish. I'm not a fan of VNL, but the shininess detracts from the VNL.

Gleek Out in direct light

Sunday, June 5, 2011

$OPI Glee collection - Slushied + +

Bestie came into town last weekend and happened to bring my much belated (but that's how we roll) birthday gift. Because she knows me so well it's scary, she did SUCH a fabulous job. I got the $OPI Glee collection mini set, OPI Black Shatter, Glee season 1 (The Gleek Edition, natch), and an absolutely gorgeous ball of MadelineTosh Worsted yarn in Duchess, which is a super pretty dark eggplant color. She rocks too hard for me to describe.

So, on to the first polish I tried... Slushied. This one was inspired by Finn Hudson, and is a bright blue creme. Fabulous formula that was opaque with two coats. I got so many compliments on this color, and it's so damn bright and happy, one can't help but be happy when wearing it. Anti-depressants on my nails. :) It was also a featured color in the People Magazine Style Watch section a couple of weeks ago. I've never felt so fashionable. (Sorry for the messy mani, I had to take a pic as soon as I was done.)

But I couldn't just leave it alone with all those other goodies in my bag! After 2 days, I decided to throw Celibacy Club over it. Near impossible to capture accurately on film, but it is a silver holo glitter in a clear base. Below is 2 coats. Dry time was minimal, so I didn't need to use a topcoat at all. Plus, I knew I would be doing something else to this mani and didn't want 14 layers of laquer.

Behold, the addition of OPI Black Shatter! This stuff is awesome! Below is a thinn-ish coat. I've heard thinner coats have finer shatter than thick, and I wanted the sparkle of Celibacy Club to show through. I think it looks great. Nearly every patient I had while wearing this commented on it. I've even got co-workers checking out my nails. Also, notice the fabulous wear. The first coat of Slushied had been on for 4 days at this point. And we are at 8 layers of polish at this point.

I can't wait to try the others in the mini set. I'm thinking Miss Bossy Pants will be next. It's a bright, pearly berry inspired by the very bossy Rachel Berry. Love it!

Are any of you Gleeks? What did you think of the Season Finale? I was a little disappointed in it, but that's okay. Kurt and Rachel doing Wicked on the Wicked stage made it worth waiting for.
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