Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Color Club Halo Hues - Part 1

I was in the middle of a polish no-buy when Color Club released this collection. I remember drooling over photos some bloggers had taken at CosmoProf, but was thinking that I could show restraint. Holos are famous for having streaky formulas and being very finicky with base coats and top coats. Was the pretty worth all that trouble?

Then reviews started popping up. The formula isn't finicky? It plays well with regular base coats? Top coats don't dull the holo effect? The collection is selling out at lightning speed? Well shoot. Come here, credit card!

I bought the whole collection and it's taken awhile to get photos up. They're so pretty I just can't stand to swatch them and take them right off. So, all of these photos are 1-2 days into the mani.

All are with standard base coat (Zoya Anchor, if memory serves) and Poshe top coat. I can confirm that there is no difference in the holo effect after a quick dry top coat. All have excellent wear time as well, with all getting 4-5 days wear before any noticeable chipping or tip wear. The formula made them a breeze to apply!

2 coats Cherubic in full sun

2 coats Harp On It in direct, indoor lighting

2 coats Harp On It in direct sunlight

2 coats Angel Kiss in direct, indoor lighting

I am happy I bought all six colors because I only had a couple linear holos in my stash. There aren't any ground breaking colors here, but I think the application and wear time certainly are.

What do you think? Did you pick up any of the Halo Hues collection?
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