Saturday, February 26, 2011

Wet N Wild Morbid and a broken nail :(

My second Wet N Wild polish... Morbid. Looks black until the light hits it, then you see the green-teal shimmer. It's pretty awesome. Fabulous formula that gets great coverage in 2 coats. I wore it for three days without a chip...

Yes, that's a New Moon band-aid. Don't hate.

Until My thumbnail broke off. :(

Monday, February 21, 2011

OPI Lucerne-tainly Look Marvelous

I love gunmetal grey glitters. Acutally, this is probably a foil. This came in a set of minis with Yodel Me On My Cell, Color So Hot It Berns, and an OPI Rapi-dry Topcoat. May have to buy a full sized bottle if I could find one. This is Orly Bonder, 2 thin coats of polish, and OPI topcoat. I'm not that impressed with the topcoat as it seems pretty thin. Wear seems decent. I got a chip the first night, but washed my hair about an hour after applying it. I'm curious to see what it does at work, since I wash my hands so much they see more water than Tammy Faye Baker's eyelashes.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Hot Topic Ruby Red and Teal Glitter

To get caught up, 2 posts back-to-back. Tuesday night I got the urge to spend money like nobody's business, and I tried hard. Looked all over the mall and found nothing (shocker!). So, went into Hot Topic to chat it up with my friend and saw their nail polish display. Tons of bright, funky colors. I loved a teal glitter and a dark red creme, and the red was on clearance for $0.98. Then I got the brilliant idea to layer them. Cool effect. Ruby Red is very similar to Essie Wicked. But, as I said up there, $0.98. No big. Red is brighter than it shows in the picture.

I love the Hot Topic polish bottles. Tall and skinny with a skull and crossbones. :) I like the brush as well. Long with a stubby handle, I feel I can control it really well.

China Glaze Phat Santa

This one happened a few polishings ago. I think it was after Hard Candy Sky and before Nailtrition. All in all, meh, it's details. Sorry for shitty old iPhone pic. The camera in my new one is better than my old digital camera. Sad, I know.

This was part of the Holiday 2010 collection. Picked it up at Sally's after seeing it on Short N' Chic. I had been lusting over RBL Killa Red for ages, and found Ji had discontinued it. I was looking for a deep, dark, cool red. That picture makes it look like an orange-y red, but I promise it's not. I'm not a fan of warm red on my nails. I. Love. Phat. Santa. It was my first jelly, and the first couple of applications were not great. I'm getting the hang of it now though. Bonder, 3 thin coats Phat Santa, Seche Vite. Win.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Wet N Wild Shield & Orly Nailtrition

I bought a tiny bottle of Nailtrition at Sally's, and I'm really glad I did... because getting a big bottle would've been a waste. It didn't help with my nails peeling at all. In fact, I now have 2 more nails peeling after using it. I just left it on 1 week.

So, on my nails... This one is Wet N' Wild Shield. I picked up it and Morbid at CVS. They are $1.99 and were BOGO 1/2 off. The formula was very nice. I used 2 thin coats and had only a couple of bald spots. As with my other glitters, they hide the thin spots. Shield is a warm gold glitter with larger red sparkles in it. It looks much "dirtier" in the bottle. Bonder, 2 coats Shield, and Seche Vite. Nice wear. I had it on for 3 days. I feel like I have to catch up since I had a week of no color. ;)

Also, sorry for the iphone photo. I just got one and I was testing the quality.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Hard Candy Sky

Newbie blog chick fail. I've tried uploading them differently 3 times, and my photos keep flipping around backwards. So, first shot is of Hard Candy Sky with a coat of Matte-ly in Love. MiL dries super fast. I've always put it on after 2-3 days when I'm getting bored with what's on my nails. Usually does the trick.

I saw this on, then noticed it at Walmart this weekend. She was totally right about the formula. She called it chalky and thick, and I would agree. I can't find the post now, but someone else recommended 2 thin coats and 1 thick one. I think this worked well.

It is a robin egg blue with a very fine shimmer. It is said all over the internets that this is a dupe for Chanel Riva. From pics I've seen, I would agree. So, that would be 2 Chanel dupes in my collection. This is Orly Bonder, 3 coats of Sky, and Seche Vite.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Essie Wicked

Wicked is my first (and only at the moment) Essie polish. It's a very dark cranberry, almost black. I love the way it looks on my short nails. Wicked is jelly-like, and I'm still trying to get there with those. My brain just doesn't wrap around 3 coats of anything without serious coaching, and you really need to build thin layers for this one to look its best. I really, really love the brush with these too. It's not too fat, and picks up a nice amount of polish. This one was a Christmas gift "picked out" by my son. :)

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