Wednesday, February 19, 2014


I've been putting a lot of thought into this blog and the direction I want to take it. It started as a place to post pictures and remind myself what the twenty polishes I had looked like on my hands.

My stash has grown, and I'm now spending most of my polish time creating new stuff for Paint Box Polish. I still love painting my nails, and they are almost never naked. I also love the excitement of creating custom orders for customers. In order to spend more time creating and not always feel the pull of, "You really need to post this mani..." I've decided to change how I use this page...

I am going to post photos of my manis on my Instagram account (link over there --->). This way, I can still spread the love and share polish - both awesome and not so awesome - with my followers. I plan to share inspiration for new polishes and sneak peeks here. If you follow via Bloglovin (also over there --->), you can be alerted when I've published something new.

There is also a new tab up top. I've listed my polishes exclusively through Etsy before, but I'm going to be transitioning over to Big Cartel. I think their set up is much cleaner looking and easier to navigate. Links to both shops are in the "Paint Box Polish Shop" tab.

So, I'll continue to be around, just in a bit of a different way. Obviously, writing is not my strong suit, and I think IG is a more Pam-friendly format. :) Drop me a line at if you have questions, suggestions, or are in need of a custom order - one bottle or one hundred!

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Dandy Nails Love Affair

Today I've got my first polish from Dandy Nails! Sandy makes fabulous polishes and is well-established in the indie polish world. She came out with a set of amazing holos (the DandyGraphic collection) in November and I forced myself to buy only one. Because I'm trying to show restraint. :)

Love Affair is a dark pink, burgundy-ish color that is just beautiful. Then throw in that lovely, tightly scattered holo and I'm done. In my cart it went!

Direct sunlight
The formula of this is just perfection! Thick enough to be an easy one coater, but not so thick that it's gloopy and difficult to place. The brush was flat and a bit wide, so there were zero issues. I don't think I did any clean up with this mani at all. 

On a side note, look at that sunshine! Gah, I miss it. The temperature is -20 here in Indiana and I feel like the sun has been hiding for weeks. I love winter, but I'm done with it. :)

Slightly blurred because RAINBOWS!
Dandy Nails are available in her Etsy store here. Love Affair is in stock and available for $10.00. She has several lovely polishes and I'm going to have to indulge in more soon!

Stay warm, folks! Are you in a warm climate? Can I come visit? :)

Sunday, January 19, 2014

A Study in Polish I Do Post-Mortems and Not Your Housekeeper

It's just about an hour until the new season of Sherlock airs on PBS (9:58 EST), and in it's honor, I'm back with the newest Sherlock polishes from A Study in Polish.

First up is I Do Post-Mortems, which is inspired by the ever lovely Molly Hooper. A soft, neutral pink with a low-key holographic shimmer. This is like Mind Palace's quiet little sister. (see my review of Mind Palace and my other A Study in Polish polishes here). I'm generally not a muted pink lover, but man! This is easily one of my favorites.

Direct artificial lighting

Direct natural light
 Not Your Housekeeper is Mrs. Hudson's polish. It's a super pretty, squishy plum with blue and pink/purple micro glitters. There may be some gold ones hidden in there as well. I used three coats here and it was just lovely.

Direct natural light
A Study in Polish offers Sherlock, The Hobbit, Teen Wolf, and Hannibal inspired polishes in her store.

Friday, November 29, 2013

The Women Of Harry Potter collection is Live!

The collection is live in my Etsy shop. Link over there in the left column, or here for mobile users!

A Little Bit Different

Slightly Unstable

Glittery Heels

His Chosen One

Brains & Bravery

Mama Lion

Monday, November 25, 2013

Thinning the herd...

I went through my polish stash in an effort to get a bit of Christmas spending money! I've created a board on Pinterest with what I'm letting go, prices, etc. There are indie polishes, main stream polishes, and a few hard to find polishes. Poke around here and let me know if there's anything you'd like!

Friday, November 22, 2013

Coming Black Friday! Paint Box Polish Winter Collection!

I'm excited for today's post, readers!! I've got swatches of my new late fall/winter collection which is inspired by the women of Harry Potter! I've been working on this set for a long time and I'm glad to finally bring them to you.

More photos after the jump!

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Zoya Kimber and Zuza - a last nod to summer!

I am cleaning out my drafts folder and I found this mani that I wore at the beginning of the summer. Zoya Kimber with a Zuza accent. I love both of these, shades, they just scream summer and warm weather to me! 

Both shades are shown with two coats and are available at

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